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The PRO ATHLETE basketball app is innovative and reflects our mission and vision: to allow athletes to fulfill their passion in sport and have the longest and healthiest career possible, while offering the necessary resources to optimize health and performance, specific to their sport. More than 300 videos are included in the app, which are essential resources to all basketball athletes and coaches. 



Here is a summary of the app's content:

  • Warm-ups: A variety of dynamic warm-ups videos are listed to perform before practices and games. The warm-ups are listed according to basketball themes or level of play and contain injury prevention exercises. PRO ATHLETE recommends performing a proper warm-up before each practice or game.
  • Exercise programs: Preventive exercise programs are available for all levels, with progressions included to improve over time. These programs are made specifically for basketball athletes, in order to prevent the most common injuries in basketball.
  • Strength program (weight training): A yearly strength program is available, for in-season and off-season. 11 months of weight training programs are available for 2 different levels of difficulty. Specifically designed for basketball athletes. Available in ATHLETE subscriptions (accessible to coaches with purchase).
  • Practice planning: A section is available to plan your practices. Choose your warm-up, add your own drills and finish by choosing the exercises or exercise programs you will be performing.
  • Fundamentals: Educational videos to master fundamental movements, essential for coaches and athletes, are available to consult.
  • Exercises: A variety of exercises with progressions are available to perform. Each exercise is demonstrated by a video and has the appropriate description and parameters.

This app is for YOU and this is only the beginning. Over time, valuable content will be added with objective for this app to be indispensable to become proactive in health and performance as an athlete or a coach. All comments and suggestions are welcomed to improve our app. PRO ATHLETE designed this app for you and we want our subscribers to use it and love it on a daily basis!