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Physiotherapy services personalized according to YOUR objectives!

I am a former high-level basketball athlete and the head physiotherapist of the junior women’s national basketball team since 2015. I am passionate about training, physical activity and sports. Exercises and living an active lifestyle are an important part of my practice as a physiotherapist. Whether you are an athlete or simply an individual needing durable solutions for your pain, I will be happy to help!

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My services :

  • Assessment and treatment of pain and injuries, for adults, teenagers and children over 5 years old
  • Assessment and treatment of injuries related to the practice of a sport, your training or physical activity: for active individuals and athletes
  • Assessment and follow-up for injury prevention in sports, training or the workplace
  • Assessment and follow-up for minor concussions
  • Assessment and follow-up with virtual sessions: for professional advice and personalized exercise programs

 Conditions treated :

 Any pain or stiffness in a joint or in the vertebral region can be treated with physiotherapy, without the necessity of a medical prescription. Consult the list below for frequent motives of consultation:

  • Neck, upper back and lower back pain
  • Sciatic pain (pain throbbing in the leg) and throbbing pain in the arms
  • Joint pain or stiffness: hips, knees, ankles/feet, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands
  • Traumatic injuries related to a fall, a sudden movement or related to the practice of a sport or physical activity
  • Post-fracture
  • Pre and post-surgery (frequent examples: ACL reconstruction, knee or hip replacement, meniscectomy, fracture)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Frequent diagnoses: Sprains (ankle, ACL, MCL, thumb), tendinopathy (rotator cuff, tennis/golfer’s elbow, Achille’s tendon), herniated discs (lumbar and cervical), frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, ETC.
  • ETC!

Pricing :

  • Assessment (1 hour for initial visit OR new injury): $120.00
  • Treatments and follow-up visits (40 min): $95.00
  • 1 hour treatment or follow-up: $120.00


  • 1202 Bélanger, Montréal, QC, H2S 1H8
  • (438) 239-4565

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