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The entire content of the PRO ATHLETE app was created specifically for basketball, with the objective of preventing the most frequent injuries in the sport and for optimal performance. Here are details and PRO ATHLETE recommendations concerning subscriptions:


The COACH uses the PRO ATHLETE app to warm-up their athletes properly, with specific exercises recommended by research, every practice and game.

The PRO ATHLETE for coaches:

  • More than 50 warm-ups
  • More than 30 prehab and strength programs that the coach can perform with their athletes
  • Practice plan canvas

PRO ATHLETE recommandation: 1 subscription per coach, for each team in your program


The ATHLETE trains regularly with the PRO ATHLETE app, according to their individual needs. They want to improve their performance, strength and power but also take care of their body and avoid injury.

The PRO ATHLETE app for athletes:

  • 11-month strength training program (7 months in-season, 4 months off-season and 1 month of rest and recovery)
  • A variety of bodyweight training programs that require little to no material 
  • Mobility programs for optimal recovery 
  • A variety of warm-ups

The most benefial and recommended. In the case of multiple subscription purchases, the price per person reduces.

PRO ATHLETE recommendations:

  • 1 subscription per coach, for each team in your program
  • 1 subscription per athlete needing a strength and prevention program
  • For athletes aged 10 and older

Contact us for a quote. You can also indicate the number of subscriptions desired and calculate the price in your cart.


The last step is to choose the type of subscription (monthly or yearly) and add it to your cart. You will receive by e-mail an activation code for each subscription purchased. Please note that your subscription will renew automatically monthly or yearly depending on the choice of subscription and that it is possible to cancel at any time.

FOR GROUP SUBSCRIPTIONS: please contact us for a quote at